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Re: Dzyan Esoteric School---Esoteric Instructions Issued on Whose Authority?

Mar 31, 1999 08:51 AM
by JRC

> "Blasting people long dead".  Thumb through ULT's history "The
> Theosophical Movement" 1951.  Volume is in print & this volume is full
> of "blasting people long dead."  Blasting Mrs Tingley & hinting if not
> more that she & small number of W Judge's most trusted colleagues
> "faked" her successorship.  Blasting Mrs Besant & Mr Leadbeater.
> Blasting Mr Hargrove.  If my criticisms bother you, why don't you also
> protest ULT's continual sale of this volume?  Mr Dallas TenBroeck
> constantly recommends this title.  Isn't he indirectly "blasting people
> long dead" by recommending this volume?  Where are your comments on him?

Your criticisms don't bother me - I stopped reading them. Dallas may be
indirectly blasting people (hard to tell, usually he just seems like he's
preaching) - but you are doning it directly. And when someone does it as
single-mindedly as you are, it makes me wonder what the underlying intention
is. Are you trying to accomplish a specific end? Trying to reform the ULT?
Get people to quit? Is there a *present* goal in your blasting of the dead?
If so, why not criticize those you see as currently holding the attitudes of
which you speak? They can at least answer your charges.

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