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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 12, 1999 04:45 AM
by hesse600

Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:

> Furthermore comes the old saying to my mind that every 
> has TWO signs. Could this implicate that if a false ES is in existence, that
> then a true, original ES must be there (no matter for the moment where to be
> found and how to be checked), because the fiormer would be in philosophical
> logic not possible without the latter? And if yes, could it be, that Boris
> had the latter in mind on his Anniversary lecture in NY 1975? Or do you
> believe, to the best of your knowledge, that only impostors, liars and faked
> groups are to be found and that a real ES, in the true sense of the word, is
> impossible? Only a question for consideration.

I think that something like the E.S. is only possible in 
the true sense of the word when someone like H.P.B. is in 
charge, of whom most of us seem to agree she stood out in 
insight and practical knowledge.

Only if that condition is met, can something like the E.S. 
be justified, in my oppinion. Otherwise it can only become 
what it is now. So, the E.S. should have stopped 
functioning at her death; or when Krishnamurti asked it to 
be stopped, it should have stayed out of function. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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