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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 12, 1999 04:00 AM
by hesse600

> There are advanced beings.  They just don't wear it on their lapel.  
But they are not superior to common person but morally 
equal because common person is advanced being in potential.
> Grigor  

I do not agree with the last part of that. To put it 
bluntly: I do think a person like Hitler hides his moral 
potential so well that he is in a different leage from 
someone like Mother Teresa. 
I do agree that we are all potential Buddha's, but that 
does not mean that we are so in practice. Since I think 
occultism (the *white* type) starts in practice, I should 
think that there is also where we would find the first 
Differences in intelligence, clair-voyance and the like are 
not (it seems to me) the most important differences between 
the adept and the ordinary person. 

NHL Leeuwarden

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