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Re: theos-l digest: March 09, 1999 = WORK OF THE ADEPTS AND MAHATMAS

Mar 11, 1999 05:38 AM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 3/10/99 5:35:17 PM Central Standard Time,

 The sort of people who gravitated to the TS a hundred years ago simply no
 longer exist and the underlying social forces that aided it's growth are long
They still exist but the TS has become quaint.  It drew top quality,
successful, intelligent, and academically astute people.  I think of
G.R.S.Mead.  He was very top scholar in his day.  Or Evans Wentz is another
example.  It does not draw people like these any longer because it insists on
out-dated scholarship to fit with HPB views.  Ever since Dalai Lama revealed
it, we know Stanzas of Dzyan are Dzog chen Zhung Zhung text.  HPB mentions
hidden libraries of Tarim basin.  Those have been found, cataloged, and are in
process of being translated.  Yet, some of fantasies theosophists weave about
the alleged contents of these libraries are reidiculous.  TS and HPB had bad
translation as can be and has been established.  But it resists such findings.
In old days, HPB would have adopted new findings as she did with findings of
Evans Wentz and G.R.S. Mead.  Also, TS tries to interpret other traditions as
tacit form of theosophy in crude way so that talk of astral bodies can be
found in Christian tradition or other such nonsense as Leadbeater's activities
in shaping Liberal Catholicim. Bunk!  So to, you have incident that
Zoroastrians still mad at when Leadbeater tried to make Zoroastrians believe
Theosophy was the esoteric core of their religion.  Then you have same with
Christianity by others.  So, people who seek honest research in improving
information base, who have accurate and expert knowledge of traditions, find
themselves at odds with TS no matter how sympathetic to its aims they may be.
I see this as similar to Krishnamurti case.  Those who sincerely are committed
to there is no religion higher than truth find this commitment to be at odds
with institutional aims of TS.  Those talented and level-headed spiritual
seekers still exist, but TS no longer lives up to its aims.  It abandoned


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