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Update on Internet users

Mar 10, 1999 08:41 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is an interesting info on the net.

What this indicates is the segment of the population with which we have
to deal with in marketing whatever we market.



               Web surfers aren't just young
                  techie males anymore

                  March 10, 1999
                  Web posted at: 4:53 p.m. EST (2153 GMT)

                  by Maryann Jones Thompson

                  (IDG) -- In the early days of the Web, Net
                  surfers were largely young, techie or
                  upscale males - not exactly every
                  marketer's target audience. These days,
                  while the online population has changed
                  drastically, it remains a fairly elite group.

                  Demographics from Mediamark Research
                  show that Web surfers are approximately
                  twice as likely to have high household
                  incomes, college degrees and management
                  positions than the overall U.S. population.
                  They are also more likely to be young,
                  single and Asian.

                  Looking back to 1996, it is encouraging
                  that the educational, age and gender profile
                  of the online population is approaching that of the
U.S. More distressing is
                  the lack of change in the income profile. But an
optimist would point out that
                  as the number of surfers doubled during the past three
years, growth in Net
                  use among less-affluent demographic segments has kept
up with that of the
                  upper crust.

                  Geographically, Web users can be found in all corners
of the U.S. But
                  according to researcher Inteco, the level of Net use
in several major metro
                  areas exceeds the U.S. average.

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