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Theosophical Adepts

Mar 09, 1999 10:53 PM
by Mittelberger Martina

Dear M.K.R:
In my opinion it was an experiment started by K.H.. When you read the
mahatma letters you will find passages which point to this circumstance.
The other masters did not believe in the success. And in the end - what
has been the success? All were only interested in phenomens, not in the
real brotherhood, they wanted to discuss not to listen, the Mahatmas and
HPB were accused of humbug. All these big waves hit the karma of the
Mahatmas and in the last letters they announced to retire and continue
their work in the background.
Nowadays there is no need to get instructions by letters from the
masters. Esoteric and spiritual knowledge is no longer kept in the
secret. Everyone can find his way and I am sure, if someone is ready for
scholarship he will meet his own master and teacher.
Theosophy was necessary to open the minds for esoteric wisdom, but I
think, the great time is over now. It is working on itself and the
starters are no longer needed.


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