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Theosophical Adepts

Mar 08, 1999 09:58 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I have followed with interest the traffic on the issue of esoteric lineage
etc etc.

When one reads historical material relating to early days of TS, one finds
that the Adepts corresponded/sent msgs to many people and even were met by
some. There was also various reports of sightings especially in India.

Consider the situation in 1999. The last known letter from one of the
Adepts was in 1900, almost 100 years ago. We have not heard from any of
them till now. Nor has anyone come out and stated with corroboration of
being in communication with any of them or having seen or heard from any of
them. Even when Geoffrey Hodson mentions about his communication with
Adepts, the names he refers to, not a single one of them being the Adepts
who were known to be active at the founding of TS.

All this makes one wonder if the real work of the TS is over. 

Is TS on autopilot with the purely mechanical job publishing the works
written in early days, the copyrights to all of them having expired is now
in public domain.

Any ideas?


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