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Re: teaching? morals? ethics?

Mar 09, 1999 02:17 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dear Doss,

all you wrote is of course well said and true. Please permit me say to you -
as I understand it - have your own experiences with a faked ES, playing
theatre with no real higher spiritual powers and obviously no closer
connection to higher worlds. Insofar your critisism is right, I do follow
your thought. Furthermore comes the old saying to my mind that every coin
has TWO signs. Could this implicate that if a false ES is in existence, that
then a true, original ES must be there (no matter for the moment where to be
found and how to be checked), because the fiormer would be in philosophical
logic not possible without the latter? And if yes, could it be, that Boris
had the latter in mind on his Anniversary lecture in NY 1975? Or do you
believe, to the best of your knowledge, that only impostors, liars and faked
groups are to be found and that a real ES, in the true sense of the word, is
impossible? Only a question for consideration.

>>This issue of "secrets" and conditions prescribed by the leader (who is
>>assumed to possess them) go much beyond secrets. It goes into the heart of
>>the question of control -- control over another person's life.

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