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RE: theos-l digest: February 02, 1999 On reading THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Feb 03, 1999 05:03 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Feb 3rd.

Dear Christine:

If you read an "abridged" SECRET DOCTRINE someone has been over
it and thus filtered our or selected material they think is
valuable.  Not everyone agrees that is valuable.

Like any truly great Text-Book it may seem difficult to read.  If
one prepares ones' self with a reading of the KEY TO THEOSOPHY
some of the ideas and doctrines of Theosophy will be available as
mental furniture to help.

The SECRET DOCTRINE provides much more than ISIS UNVEILED DID
(published earlier in 1877).  The SECRET DOCTRINE gives the basis
for the doctrines and then shows how they can be traced in such
fragments of records taken from all around the world from the
ancient religions and philosophies.  In doing this it draws
together the many scattered fragments of lore that can help to
reconstruct the tattered accounts of pre-history we now call
myth, legend, and the imaginings of primitive humanity.

It is not an easy read, but it is very interesting for those who
discover all that their education had omitted telling them about.
It also serves to show what are the links that bridge gaps in
what we know of the past.

Best wishes,


	PS  It is also useful to have a copy of HPB's THEOSOPHICAL
	GLOSSARY handy to help with the words taken from oriental and
	other lands.

	PPS	Re: cloning, blood transfusion, organ transplants - consider
	that with all these physical transfers, the ASTRAL BODY and the
	MAGNETIC VITALITY of the person who originates, used, or gives
	their physical material to another is involved.

	Karmically, Theosophy would say that they had attracted to them
	the skandhas ( Life-atoms) which carried their previous Karma.
	Now they pass their physical and karmic substance on to another -
	and a forced link is made.  What ever the good motive of the
	donor may be, they cannot purge their psychic imprint from the
	material they pass on.
	So a link is forged with some other known, or unknown Ego because
	of the gift of that material.  Who can say what future
	consequences may result.  But there is danger involved in this of
	which our Science has no knowledge yet.



	Subject: RE: Astral Body and Clones == Do they have a "model form?"
	From: "W. Dallas TenBroeck" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 12:39:21 -0500 (EST)
	X-Message-Number: 2

	Feb 3rd

	Dear Dorothy:

	How can you think that a physical "clone" would not have an
	"astral body ?"  In all physial forms it is the foundation for
	that form.  One of the functions of the "astral body" is to form
	a network or a lattice on which the physical molecules can
	arrange themselves to make a physical form.

	So minerals, plants, animals and humans, in fact everything in
	the Universe has first an ASTRAL FORM, and then physical forms of
	various densities are aggregated around that.  Take a good look
	at the able of Kosmic Principles.  Then turn to the KEY and take
	a good look at those attributed to the Human being.  They compare
	and correspond.

	Were you thinking of the "astral body" as the Personal soul ?  If
	so, that is an aspect of the Higher Manas which, shoots down and
	illuminates the physical brain (in the case of man) in a
	progressive manner from babyhood on, by stages of 7 years, until
	there is a full incarnation of Manas and full moral
	responsibility by age 14/21 (for humans).

	In the case of animals the Manas is latent, and the power of the
	lower animation poser of nature operations on the principles of
	the astral, Prana and Kama operate.  Instinct is the
	manifestation in a progressive manner of the gradual trend
	towards individualization of the animal forms.  At least that is
	what I get from a study of the principles in the OCEAN OF

	There is so much in those which gives us answers when we seek for
	information.  And then it stays with us, as memory.

	I hope this is of help.

	Best wishes,



	Subject: Re: clones
	Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:44:08 EST
	X-Message-Number: 3

	In a message dated 2/2/99 7:57:06 PM Central Standard Time,

	<< The point is, regardless of morals it will happen, and
	how do we
	handle it? >>

	There is nothing special about the case of cloning in relation to morals.  Our
	technology outpaces our ethics because, as a civilization, we invest more in
	power over nature and/or populations than in ethical evolution.  The general
	question becomes, I think, what do we do with our technology running ahead of
	our moral wisdom, or to bite Ahriman's monkey's tail, the question is what do
	we do with ourselves.

	Grigor Vahan Ananikian

	Subject: Re: theos-l digest: February 02, 1999
	Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 17:09:22 EST
	X-Message-Number: 4

	In a message dated 2/3/99 12:01:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, Dallas writes:

	<< The value of a "chat" group such as this is that we can share
	what we discover and by comparison we can secure a greater
	assurance of accuracy. >>

	Thank you for your insightful comments, Dallas.  I would add to the above that
	a chat group can also be valuable for helping like-minded persons feel that
	they are not alone, and thus more at home, in the vast expanse of the
	Universe.  It can sometimes be hard to find others who share one's interests
	or worldviews, especially if they are a bit unusual, and the Internet provides
	a way for such people to chat with others who are similarly inclined - whether
	or not they disagree on the finer points.

	Subject: RE: Astral Body and Clones = Do they have a "model form?"
	From: "W. Dallas TenBroeck" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:45:58 -0500 (EST)
	X-Message-Number: 5

	Feb 3rd 1999

	In ISIS UNVEILED  Vol. I p. 207 (bottom of page) speaks of flesh
	and skin grafted onto another person, which fell off when the
	donor died.

	This is in regard to universal magnetism and the magnetic
	relations to be observed between a donor and the material given.
	A link is apparently maintained.  Would this not be through the
	astral body and the Prana ?


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