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Re: clones

Feb 02, 1999 05:32 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/29/99 12:02:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, theos- writes:

<< The point is, regardless of morals it will happen, and
 how do we
 handle it? >>

I think of cloning as similar to identical twins - only an artificial method
is used to produce the clone, whereas identical twins are formed when a single
egg is fertilized and then splits into two zygotes, if I recall my biology
correctly.  (This is different from fraternal twins, who are the result of two
eggs being fertilized at the same time, and hence are more akin genetically to
siblings than to twins, except in the timing of their birth.)  The clone and
the original share the same genetic material, just as do identical twins.  It
seems to me that this is a matter of the physical vehicle, and that both could
therefore have souls.

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