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Re: clones

Feb 02, 1999 05:43 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/30/99 12:01:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, theos- writes:

<< exactly my thougt: it will be part of the universal light 
 or spirit and in the same way that twins are each *created* 
 or formed with a distinct soul, the new baby will be 
 infused with its own personality. >>

Yep.  A sentient being is a sentient being, any way it is created.  The
morality or advisability of cloning already fully formed humans in an
artificial manner, and thus intervening in what heretofore has been a mostly
natural process - or what happens to embryos not used - is another issue, I
believe, from whether or not a cloned person would have a soul.  The last
thing we need on this planet is yet another group of people viewed as "second
class" or somehow not fully human!  Let's assume they have souls; if they do,
and we treat them as if they do not, the resulting negative karma would be
My two cents.

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