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Re: Clinton

Feb 02, 1999 05:01 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/24/99 12:01:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, Alan writes:

<< while the job of running
 the country (which is what the Congress and the Senate should be
 giving their attention to) is being left in the hands of the defendant!
 From this side of the water, your "leaders" seem totally crazy.
 irresponsible, and will be writing a chapter in history very different from
 the one they are claiming to write. >>

Well, Alan, I gotta tell ya they seem totally crazy and irresponsible from
this side of the water too (Ground Zero, downtown Washington, DC).  And small-
minded.  And malicious.  And power-hungry.  And hypocritical.  And self-
serving.  How did these people get into office in the first place???  Who
voted for them anyway?  It seems like some weird never-ending nightmare,
eclipsing all the real business that desperately needs to be conducted (e.g.,
health care, education, crime, social security).  I hope that history will
judge them harshly.  I hope that Americans will wake up and vote more
carefully in future elections.  I think too many Republicans in Congress right
now are more interested in posturing and posing and maintaining their
positions than they are in running the country.  They are sucking up to the
far religious right, who send them lots of money - and ignoring their
constituencies and everyone else.  They have decided Clinton should not be
president, and to hell with the majority of Americans who disagree with them
and who elected him.

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