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Re: Clinton

Feb 02, 1999 04:51 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/24/99 12:01:33 AM Eastern Standard Time, Kym writes:

<< not ALL people appreciate Clinton's attempts at
 helping the poor, minorities, women, gays and lesbians, etc., through
 changes in federal laws.  Many powerful people do not wish to share or lose
 the power they have enjoyed for quite a few years - it is natural that they
 will fight to hold on to it.  Hence, the acceptance and applause of a
 prosecutorial investigation that, if it had happened to them, they would
 have never tolerated. . ..  
 While watching the current Senate hearings, I find myself especially
 distressed at how petty and malicious the prosecutors have been. >>

I think you have hit the nail on the head.  Their purported efforts to "save
America" from the likes of Clinton is really, underneath that stated purpose,
a desire to knock out somebody who by his actions, appointments, travels, and
statements, threatens *their* sense of what America should look like - (white,
Republican, heterosexual, and Christian), not what America really does look
like.  They really don't give a %@$&* about the citizens or their opinions, I
think.  One of them (I think it was Asa Hutchinson) even had the nerve to
explain that our system isn't really a "pure" democracy, and the Republicans
must provide leadership for the rest of us ignoramuses.  It just goes to show
you how very important it is to be careful who we vote for - and how quickly
tyranny can threaten to take hold when we are looking the other way.  They are
petty and malicious because they don't have a good enough case for
impeachment, so are trying to drive Clinton into the political dirt by
embarrassing the hell out of him, over and over again.  But I think (hope) the
ploy is backfiring on them, and they are growing desperate - another reason
for the maliciousness.  (Too bad Clinton left so much "ammunition" lying
around, though...)

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