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Re: books and experience

Feb 01, 1999 06:32 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/19/99 12:02:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, Alan writes:

<< When we begin to share our *experience,* then perhaps we are doing
 something useful and beneficial both for others and ourselves. >>

Thanks for pointing out that book knowledge is not necessarily the highest
form of knowledge. Theories that work out perfectly on paper can show quite a
few cracks when exposed to the cold, hard (or warm and soft) light of
experience.  The most well-read person I have ever known - a genius,
philosopher and chess master who read thousands and thousands of books - was a
chronically suicidal, anxious, chain-smoking, chain-drinking, depressed, and
bleak person.  Observing that made me realize that books, while great and
useful tools on occasion, ain't everything.  The one who wins in the end is
not necessarily the one who has read the most books or whose logic is the most
flawless, but rather the one who can tread lightly through the chaotic
minefield that is real life and come out singing, who has managed to dodge the
spiritual bombs that whiz past and even beat a few swords into plowshares, and
who then reaches back to help (en)light(en) the way for other sentient beings.
And isn't that what true Buddhahood is all about finally?  


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