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Re: HPB criticism

Feb 01, 1999 06:14 PM
by Cybercmh

In a message dated 1/19/99 12:02:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, Dallas writes:

<< As to defence, -- you are free to take your path, and I, mine.
 But if I see criticism of HPB I will ask for chapter and verse
 proofs.  I consider that a "dharma." >>

Asking for chapter and verse is reasonable, but I do get the feeling from this
thread overall that there is a danger that criticism and attack are being
confused.  It seems to me that someone may have a criticism of something in
HPB without necessarily wanting to attack or destroy.  One may not be able to
provide cites because the criticism might not be based on discrepancies of
that sort - it may rather be that the person understands something in HPB but
simply disagrees with it or dislikes it.  Or the person may simply be wrong.
I wonder if we can "live and let live" to some extent?  I agree that accuracy
is important, especially when citing sources for one's statements - but to
escalate any and all criticism of Her (with a capital "H", no less) and her
sacred writings to the level of an attack (on God?) demanding a vigorous
defense necessitated by grave moral obligation seems a bit excessive, and
could even have a chilling effect on open discussion for some - note, for
example, that any dissenting speech in China is considered subversive of the
system and the resulting effect on people's desire and capacity to speak
freely.  (For example, I hesitated to post this for that very reason - the
intimidation factor of fearing that even a mild defense of a person's right to
criticize HPB in the abstract might lead to a public thrashing. But I felt
morally obligated to make these points, and so took the risk.  I really do
find the vast majority of your postings, Dallas, to be informative and
enlightening.  And just for the record, I am not anti-HPB myself - the jury's
still out on that issue, as far as I'm concerned.  I freely admit that I just
don't know enough yet to have an informed opinion, and your postings often
help to educate me.)  

One more point - I think that not only the great Instructors, but also the
rest of us lowly unwashed semi-literate monads who are still stuck in the mud
of ego and the cycle of death and rebirth are nevertheless worthy of respect
and even reverence, cite-less (and sightless) though we may be.

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