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Re: theos-l digest: November 29, 1998

Nov 30, 1998 07:44 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Frank wrote:
>>Ironically, this is a parody of Jerry's style...
>Frank, WHAT is a parody of Jerry's style?
>Fortunately for you, I just sent a post to this list talking about keeping
>one's mind focused on compassion because, you see, if I hadn't just sent
>that post I would have asked you something akin to the following, "Frank,
>did you take your medication today?"

Good question! it implicates that there remains hope! I just thought you
have mixed up Dallas with Jerry. Two days ago you wrote about Dallas: "A
simple sentence like "Jerry, you are narrow-minded, illogical, limited in
scope, and unclear in thought; but I, Dallas the Great, am not." would have
summed up nicely what you wrote in way too many fluffy and phoney
words." ---
I fear your expression of compassion could be misunderstood by Dallas an


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