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Dec 02, 1998 09:46 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 3rd 1998

Dallas offers:

Theosophy presents the incredibly old concept of the evolution of
the MONAD which is ATMA and BUDDHI conjoined  ( SD I 268).

Theosophy sates that all beings in this program have to pass
through the "human stage" of self-consciousness.

The Human stage is one where the mind principle (Manas) is given
its entire freedom to survey its own condition and that of the
world and universe around it.  It is an age of self-discovery and
a study of differentiation not only physical plane of effects but
on many of the invisible planes of cause.  All is interrelated.

The Universe, our World, us, down to the least of 'Life-atoms' is
intelligent, alive, conscious each in its own degree.  The MONAD
draws to itself and "grows" so to say with the passage of time
and the witnessing of its experiences in various forms of
substance and matter.

At first it participates in Natural evolution (under the general
Law of Karma) unconsciously,  or rather non-self-consciously,
since its embodies consciousness in some degree all the time.

Having brought itself and the "matter" (or substance) associated
with it, up to the point of self-consciousness other MEN who have
passed through these grades many aeons back come to its aid and
help to enlighten, to vivify its MENTAL faculty.  Like the mind
of a child grows from contact with its parents and elders and at
school, so the mind of the MONAD now become self-conscious opens,
identifies itself to itself, and grows. We as humans are in this

As we have elders and teachers in this incarnation so when MANAS
WAS LIGHTED in us (over 18 million years ago Theosophy teaches)
this was done by MEN who had become wise aeons back.  Their
desire was/is to have us raise our mental capacity to theirs.

WE have the potential.  We are urged to use it.  And, like all
children in school, we rise in any class according to the effort
that we put out.  Some desire to forge ahead, and learn by rote,
the data that they are supplied with. Some desire to prove to
themselves the validity of that data, and take a longer more
analytical route.  Some say to themselves:  "I did not ask to be
here, I do not feel obliged to exert myself.  I will do the
minimum and seek my pleasures in some other form of activity, if
I can devise a way to do this. They follow still another route -
and so there are many degrees and variants in mental and
psychic/desire/passional attitudes

The point is that T teaches that those who are the most
successful in this endeavor seem to discern the fact that karma
is a universal law that moves to fairness, equity, and justice,
and one of its principal criteria is that it urges all beings to
become "perfect."  This means to know all that can be known about
the Universe so that they can take their place as its
"assistants," "builders," "creators."  They, when successful in
their study and "path" become the Chelas and then the Adepts and
the Mahatmas.  They perform the formative work when a World
reawakens from pralaya and assist the forms that will be needed
for evolutionary progress for all aspects of the ONE
CONSCIOUSNESS and its many RAYS to advance.  They are spoken of
as the Rishis, the Wise, the "Fathers," the Prajapatis, the
"Creators,"  "the Dhyan Chohans," the Buddhas," etc., and there
are many degrees of wisdom and of responsibility.

The main point is that his eternal progress is anything but
"boring."  Continual and joyful work - for ourselves, as well as
for all others - for the true growth is that which can be shared.
And there is no joy like meeting and finding a kindred spirit
with which to consult and who can assist us.

Thus we find that Theosophy paints a view of our situation which
is active, and continually widening in its aspect of living.  One
of the most important things to bear in mind is that this life is
not unique, nor the only one we will ever know.  It is one of
many - just as each of our days in this life, has been one of
many - and there is a continuous, an immortal tread of memory and
consciousness that binds all the experiences we have had

Reincarnation and karma as key ideas are most valuable to us, not
only to satisfy our own yearnings and aspirations, but they give
the comfort of knowing that we are never alone and that our
friends and family will be always available at any time that we
reincarnate - so the loss of companionship is done away with.
Additionally, we will always have something interesting to do.
Our attitude towards life and living makes the whole difference.
If one is pessimistic bout either, then the whole of our
horizon - that which we paint to ourselves and to others  is dark
and foreboding.  We make or break our own futures.

And that is what theosophy seems to tell me.


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