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Re: theos-l digest: December 12, 1998

Dec 12, 1998 11:14 PM
by kymsmith

Christine wrote:

>Shades of the House impeachment hearings!!!  Anybody see those and know
what I
>mean?  I've been sick this whole week, so have had the opportunity (if one
>call it that) to watch pretty much the entire blessed thing.  Amazing stuff.

I, too, have watched the whole thing - when I'm not home I record the
hearings and then watch them.  I've had little sleep lately!

I am outraged at what the Republicans (and a few Democrats) are doing to
President Clinton and our country.  Disgusting - and the hypocrisy is
almost too much to bear.  People are dying due to lack of health care and
they do not care.  People are waiting for the adjustments to the welfare
reform act that the Republicans promised Clinton they would work on but
that is not important enough.  And on and on and on.

I thought years ago that some Republicans were going to arrange for Clinton
to be assassinated, but the Republicans lucked out.  Linda Tripp came
along.  Either way, Clinton has to pay way too high a price for simply
giving a damn about the quality of life of the poor, gay and lesbian
people, minorities, women, and children.

What I especially adore is how some Republicans are using the sexual
harrassment law to pin Clinton - although Clinton in no way sexually
harrassed Monica, the Republicans are going to throw a bit of legislation
in his face that they have fought against for years.  That will teach you.
. ..  Oddly, the Republicans did rally around Clarence Thomas.  Go figure.



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