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RE: theos-l digest: December 12, 1998

Dec 13, 1998 07:29 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 13th

Dear Kym:

Karma operates on all things and beings from the minutest
>conceivable atom up to "Brahma."  Proceeding in the three worlds
>of men, gods, and the elemental beings, no spot in the
>universe is exempt from its sway.

If this is so, then there is no need for God - as karma is boss
in our
manifested universe.

Actually it is W. Q. Judge who wrote that and I copied.

"God" is given three "attributes:"  omniscience, omnipresence and

Knows everything, is present everywhere, and is all powerful.

So Theosophically, Karma - an idea of Universal Law - is the
self-perpetuating basis for all existence, whether such "being"
is an atom, a human, or a Universe.

Logically, the only concept, that would answer to those three
would be a universal and impersonal Law -- fair, just, impartial
and ever-active.  And that probably the idea behind the word
"God" is exactly that kind of situation.  How else can we account
for ourselves - I mean as independent and free-willed entities
encased in an environment that provides them/us with their/our
life and being, nurtures and guides them through a totally
unlimited panorama of opportunities.  Looking backwards, we can
say (I think) that we have made our "present conditions," (also,
taking reincarnation and the karma of past lives that is held
over to this one into account) and we have the free-will (here
and now) to change our way of living and thinking if we wish to.
In fact we do this all the time and are not always aware of it.

Of course there are some things we cannot change, like our birth,
family, nation, and all the "past" choices we have made.  But, as
you see from those "aphorisms" the Mr. Judge wrote, the choice to
make changes (in this view of "Karma") is always ours.  We are
all "Gods" in our innermost being where the Universal Spirit is.
We are a part of IT.  We use our creative will to make all the
changes we decide on.

And that is the basis that I have found to be so illuminating and
comforting - and also it urges me/us to take all the
opportunities we have to inquire and try to unpuzzle the riddle
of our being here.  And, where shall we be going from here ?

Best wishes,



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