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Re: theos-l digest: December 09, 1998

Dec 12, 1998 05:46 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>In a message dated 12/10/98 12:01:41 AM Eastern Standard Time, Alan
><< I conclude, tentatively, that we are *all connected* outside of space
> and time, and have good reason to suspect that any of us *could*
> remember anything that ever was, or is, or shall be. >>
>I just read this after I posted my note expressing interest in Alan's
>experiences.  That's really interesting - I've had a similar feeling, but on a
>vague level.  Can you say whether/if this has any relation to Carl Jung's idea
>of archetypes?
I don't think it is in any obvious way related.  In fact, now you bring it
up, my experiences in this area seem to have minimized the emphasis on
Jungian Archetype ideas that I once pursued.  I am more or less
convinced tough that Jung's archetypes represent human representations
of greater realities - they are, perhaps, the "gods" of the older

Two useful books in this area, by one of Jung's star pupils:

"The Great Mother, an Analysis of the Archetype," by Erich Neumann,
tr. Ralph Mannheim (Bollingen Series XLVII, Princeton University
Press) and "The Origin and History of Consciousness," also by
Neumann, also Bollingen, but as my copy is hiding, I can't give further
details, except to say that the original Bollingen Foundation was/is
based in Switzerland.

Simply Occult ..........

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