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Re: theos-l digest: December 13, 1998

Dec 14, 1998 00:32 AM
by kymsmith

Dallas wrote:

>"God" is given three "attributes:"  omniscience, omnipresence and

Yes, but "God" is also given the attributes of Love and Forgiveness -
enabling "God" to 'forget' and change a person or event immediately
regardless of past circumstances (I'm not saying I agree with this view,
but it is a very common belief among most people).

Yet, karma does not - karma appears to keep some kind of list, like Santa,
of who is good and who is bad.  Karma does not "forgive" and in order to be
"just" and "fair" (as karma is purported to be) it must be able to
"forgive" and "forget."  Can a judge be fair without compassion?  Must all
lawbreakers go to jail?

But if karma does take "differences" in acts and thoughts into account -
just what IS IT in karma that is doing this?  Does karma have a
discriminating consciousness?  How can karma (action) decide just what will
be appropriate for an individual?

And if it is the individual who ultimately (as it has been said) decides
what role they will take in life, why the need for karma?  Can't God and
all other entities do it between themselves?

Karma just seems like a "middleman" - to me, it just doesn't seem to
justify its own "existence."  Why does God need such a thing as "Universal
Law?"  Can't God just simply BE "Universal Law?"

I must say: I personally postulate that the concept of karma is merely a
tool to use - like heaven and hell - in order to keep people in line.



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