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Music Distribution using Internet

Dec 13, 1998 09:21 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Distribution of music by artists are expected to take off. Traditionally
there are record companies, agents and other intermediaries in this process
and in the end a cd or tape costs several dollars and the artist make a
small amount on each sale. In addition there are the filtering process that
goes on due to the record companies.

Now distribution via Internet is going to take off. Already some artists
are allowing downloads of their albums for $0.99 each and there seems to be
a great demand. Artists no longer have to wait and pay all the
intermediaries and still make the same amount of money inthe end.

Authors and artists directly reaching the end users without the
interference of the middlemen/women is the trend of the future.

By law of analogy, can it be that the intermediaries many no longer be
needed between the Master and Chela in next millenium?



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