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More thoughts on SUN and MAN == SOLSTICE 1998

Dec 18, 1998 02:36 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 19th 1998

			The SUN in Man

	"Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve
intelligence unaided--she can only create "senseless
forms,"...The "Lunar Monads" cannot progress, for they have not
yet had sufficient touch with the forms (182) created by "Nature"
to allow of their accumulating experiences through its means.  It
is the Manasa-Dhyanis who fill the gap, and they represent the
evolutionary power of Intelligence or Mind, the link between
"Spirit" and "Matter"--in this Round."								SD  I  181-182

		Perfection in Evolution:  the Universal Man-Sun

	The "Mahatma" is a "great Soul," a man who through evolution and
moral purification has mastered all the laws and mysteries of
Nature.  he knows the Spiritual Central Sun and also is fully
aware that a Ray of IT is present in himself, as it is also
present in all other beings.  In this connection, Mr. Judge

	"A visitor from one of the other planets of the solar system who
might learn the term Mahatma after arriving here would certainly
suppose that the etymology of the word undoubtedly inspired the
believers in Mahatmas with the devotion, fearlessness, hope, and
energy which such an ideal should arouse in those who have the
welfare of the human race at heart...The whole sweep, meaning,
and possibility of evolution are contained in the word Mahatma.
Maha is "great," Atma is "soul," and both compounded into one
mean those great souls who have triumphed before us not because
they are made of different stuff and are of some strange family,
but just because they are of the human race.

	Reincarnation, karma, the sevenfold division, retribution,
reward, struggle, failure, success, illumination, power, and a
vast embracing love for man, all these lie in that single word.

	The soul emerges from the unknown, begins to work in and with
matter, is reborn again and again, makes karma, develops the 6
vehicles for itself, meets retribution for sin and punishment for
mistake, grows strong by suffering, succeeds in bursting through
the gloom, is enlightened by true illumination, grasps power,
retains charity, expands with love for orphaned humanity, and
thenceforth helps all others who remain in darkness until all may
be raised up to the place with the "Father in Heaven" who is the
Higher Self."
								WQJ Art. II, p. 39-40

		The Universal Evolution of Microcosmic Suns

	Theosophical philosophy draws attention to the "scientific atom"
which by definition is called a "perpetual motion machine."  It
is deemed to have originated in an unimaginable past time in
Solar bodies and since then has floated through space,
aggregating with others and eventually forming the physical forms
of all beings, including mankind on our earth.  Occult philosophy

	"...every atom of man's body has been evolving by imperceptible
gradations, from lower into higher forms, through the
cycles--...a Spirit is a Ray, a fraction of the Whole;  and the
Whole being Omniscient and Infinite, Its fractions must partake,
in degree, of the same abstract attributes.  Man's "Spirit" must
become the drop of the ocean...instead of remaining the body
only.  He must feel himself not only a part of the Creator,
Preserver and Destroyer, but of the Soul of the Three, the
Parabrahmam, who is above these and is the vitalizing, energizing
and ever-presiding Spirit.  He must fully realize the sense
of...the "ever still present," in which there is neither past nor
future, but one infinite eternity of present...."
		Modern Panarion, p. 171

	"After circling so to say, along the arc of the cycle...when the
Spirit-man reaches our "planet" [ Globe--SD  I ], which is one of
the lowest, having lost at every station some of the ethereal and
acquired an increase of material nature, both spirit and matter
have become pretty much equilibrized in him.  (47)  But then he
has the Earth's cycle to perform;  and, as in the process of
involution and evolution downward, matter is ever striving to
stifle spirit, when arrived at to the lowest point of his
pilgrimage, the once pure Planetary Spirit [ Trans. 23-4 ] will
be found dwindled to--what Science agrees to call a primitive or
Primordial man--amidst a nature as primordial--speaking
geologically, for physical nature keeps pace with the
physiological as well as the spiritual man, in her cyclic career.

	At that point the great Law begins its work of selection.
Matter found entirely divorced from spirit is thrown into the
still lower worlds--into the sixth "Gate" or "way of rebirth." of
the vegetable and mineral worlds, and of the primitive animal
forms.  From thence, matter ground over in the workshop of nature
proceeds soulless back to its Mother Fount;  while the Egos
purified of their dross are enabled to resume their progress once
more onward... It is but matter (or material man) which is
compelled by its own weight to descend to the very bottom of the
"circle of necessity" to there assume animal form;  as to the
winner of that race throughout the worlds--the Spiritual Ego, he
will ascend from star to star, from one world to another,
circling onward to rebecome the once pure planetary Spirit, then
higher still, to finally reach its first starting point, and from
thence--to merge into mystery.  No adept has ever penetrated
beyond the veil of primitive Kosmic matter.  The highest, the
most perfect vision is limited to the universe of Form and
Matter."						M L p. 46-7

	"Every Spiritual Individuality has a gigantic evolutionary
journey to perform, a tremendous gyratory progress to accomplish.
First--at the very beginning of the great Mahamanvanataric
rotation, from first to last of the man-bearing "planets," as on
each of them, the monad has to pass through the seven successive
races of man...up to the present fifth race, or rather variety,
and through two more races, before he has done with this one.
Each of the 7 races send 7 ramifying branchlets from the Parent
Branch:  and through each of these in turn man has to evolute
before he passes on to the next higher race;  and that--seven
times...The branchlets typify varying specimens of humanity --
physically and spiritually--and no one of us can miss one single
rung of the ladder...when I say "man," I mean a human being of
our type.  There are other and innumerable manvantaric chains of
globes bearing intelligent beings--both in and out of our solar
system--the crowns or apexes of evolutionary being in their
respective chains, some--physically and intellectually--lower,
others immeasurably higher than the man of our chain..."
Mahat. Let. 119

	"What then is the universe for, and for what final purpose is
man the immortal thinker here in evolution?  It is all for the
experience and emancipation of the soul, for the purpose of
raising the entire mass of manifested matter up to the stature,
nature, and dignity of conscious god-hood,  The great aim is to
reach to and through the perfecting after
transformation, of the whole mass of matter as well as what we
now call soul. Nothing is or is to be left out.  The aim for
present man is his initiation into complete knowledge, and for
the other kingdoms below him that they be raised up gradually
from stage to stage to be in time initiated also.  This is
evolution carried to its highest power;  it is a magnificent
prospect;  it makes of man a god, and gives to every part of
nature the strength and possibility of being one day the same;
there is strength and nobility in it, for by this no man is
dwarfed and belittled, for no one is so originally sinful that he
cannot rise above all sin...Present religions keep the element of
fear..."		Ocean p. 60-1

Offered for consideration by Dallas.


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