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Dec 18, 1998 12:16 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 19th 1998

		The SUN - in Nature and in Man

	"Every bright sun-god of antiquity--a glorious deity by day, and
its own opponent and adversary by night, named Dragon of Wisdom,
because it was supposed to contain the germs of night and
day--has now been turned into the antithetical shadow of God,
SUN  GOD (by day)  and  Adversary (by night)  --   Tribal  Gods
and has become Satan on the sole and unsupported authority of
despotic human dogma.  After which all these producers of light
and shadow, all the Sun and Moon Gods, were cursed, and thus the
one God chosen out of the many, and Satan, were both
anthropomorphised...History shows in every race and even tribe,
especially in the Semitic nations, the natural impulse to exalt
its own tribal deity above all others to the hegemony (508) of
the god;  and proves that the God of the Israelites was such a
tribal God, and no more, even though the Christian Church,
following the lead of the "chosen" people, is pleased to enforce
the worship of that one particular deity...Jehovah has ever been
in antiquity only "a god among other Gods," (lxxxii, Psalm)...
SD II 507-8

	"This visible universe of spirit and but the
concrete image of the ideal abstraction;  it was built on the
model of the first divine idea.  Thus our universe existed from
eternity in a latent state.  The soul animating this purely
spiritual universe is the central sun, the highest deity itself.
It was not himself who built the concrete form of his idea, but
his "first-begotten;"  and as it was constructed on the
geometrical figure of the dodecahedron [Plato, Timaeus ], the
first -begotten "was please to employ 12,000 years in its
creation." 			Isis I 342

		Man  --  The Microcosmic Sun.

	Man is a "thinking atom" of living eternal substance, a
microcosm of the Macrocosmic Sun.

	"It is the Spiritual evolution of the inner, immortal man that
forms the fundamental tenet in the Occult Sciences...the One
Universal Life, independent of matter...and...the individual
intelligences that animate the various manifestations of this
Principle...The One Life is closely related to the one law which
governs the World of Being--Karma."  	SD  I  634

"The spirit in man is the only real and permanent part of his
being;  the rest of his nature being variously
compounded...everything in man but his spirit is impermanent...
the Universe being one thing and not diverse, and everything
within it being connected with the whole and with every other
thing therein, of which upon the upper plane...there is perfect
knowledge, no act or thought occurs without each portion of the
great whole perceiving and noticing it.  Hence all are
inseparably bound together by the tie of is
taught that there is no creation of worlds...but that their
appearance is due strictly to evolution,

	When the time comes for the Unmanifested to manifest as an
objective Universe, which it does periodically, it emanates a
Power or "The First Cause"--so called because it itself is the
rootless root of that Cause, and called in the East the
"Causeless Cause."...The projection into time of the influence or
so-called "breath of Brahma" causes all the worlds and the beings
upon them to gradually appear.  They remain in manifestation just
as long as that influence continues to proceed forth in

	After long aeons the outbreathing, evolutionary influence
slackens, and the universe begins to go into obscuration, or
pralaya, until, the "breath" being fully indrawn, no objects
remain, because nothing is but Brahm.  Care must be taken by the
student to make a distinction between Brahm (the impersonal
Parabrahm) and Brahma the manifested Logos.

	This breathing forth is known as a Manvantara, or the
Manifestation of the world between two Manus...For the purpose of
a Manvantara two so-called eternal principles are postulated,
that is, Purusha and Prakriti (or spirit and matter), because
both are ever present and conjoined in manifestation.

	This brings us to the doctrine of Universal Evolution as
expounded by the Sages of the Wisdom-Religion.  The Spirit, or
Purusha, they say, proceeds from Brahma through the various forms
of matter evolved at the same time, beginning in the world of the
spiritual from the highest and in the material world from the
lowest form...yet unknown to modern science.  Thus, therefore,
the mineral, vegetable and animal forms each imprison a spark of
the Divine, a portion of the indivisible Purusha.

	These sparks struggle to "return to the Father," or in other
words, to secure self-consciousness and at last come into the
highest form, on Earth, that of man, where alone
self-consciousness is possible to them.  The period calculated in
human time, during which this evolution goes on embraces millions
of ages.  Each spark of divinity has, therefore, millions of ages
in which to accomplish its mission...all depends upon the
individual's own will and efforts.

	Each particular spirit thus goes through the Manvantara, or
enters into manifestation for its own enrichment and for that of
the Whole.

	Mahatmas and Rishis are thus gradually evolved during a
Manvantara, and become after its expiration, planetary spirits,
who guide the evolution of other future planets.  The planetary
spirits of our globe are those who in previous manvantaras...made
the efforts, and became in the course of that long period

	This system is thus seen to be based upon the identity of
Spiritual Being, and, under the name of "Universal Brotherhood,"
constitutes the basic idea of the T S, whose object is the
realization of that Brotherhood among men."				WQJ - Epitome pp.
9 - 12.

			The SUN in Man

	"Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve
intelligence unaided--she can only create "senseless
forms,"...The "Lunar Monads" cannot progress, for they have not
yet had sufficient touch with the forms (182) created by "Nature"
to allow of their accumulating experiences through its means.  It
is the Manasa-Dhyanis who fill the gap, and they represent the
evolutionary power of Intelligence or Mind, the link between
"Spirit" and "Matter"--in this Round."								SD  I  181-182

Offered by Dallas - as thoughts on the 1998 SOLSTICE


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