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Re: theos-l digest: December 17, 1998

Dec 18, 1998 00:22 AM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

>Let us extend our thoughts of horror and sadness at the plight of the
>people of Iraq at this awful time; may they soon find peace.

I agree; however, the Iraqi people have been under seige for years.  I
believe that the bombings occuring right now are just adding to their
suffering, but even after the bombings stop, their suffering will continue.
 Saddam Hussein appears to have gained weight; the people, however, still
look as thin as ever.

>For the honour of the USA and the American people, it is my personal
>opinion that President Clinton should stand down voluntarily as soon
>after this initial action as possible, so that whatever happens next is
>conducted by someone who cannot be suspected of using the Gulf
>situation to save their own skin.

Have to disagree here.  Most of the people in America (according to the
latest polls) do not see nor suspect this as being a ploy for Clinton to
avoid impeachment hearings.  Those who are against him are trying to make
the public believe that this just may be the case, but the evidence and the
speech given by Tony Blair proves the opposite.  It makes little sense that
Great Britian would risk the lives of their people simply to aid Clinton in
his domestic difficulties - nor will such an action change the minds of
anyone who was FOR impeachment.  For many people in America, to lose
President Clinton due to the continued pummeling by those who want him
gone, would be wrenching.  And not to mention the great joy and power this
will give to those who began the steady barrage of rumors and accusations
back in Clinton's first year as President.

Those who want him out are banking on the hopeful possibility that the
people will just give up, get tired, and approve of Clinton resigning just
to shut them all up.

And, besides, the person who would replace him, Al Gore, has been subjected
to the some of the same rumor and attack Clinton has endured.  Mr. Gore has
been accused of most everything except an extra-marital affair.

I fail to see how Clinton resigning will restore honor to the USA - it
might result in just the opposite.  How can the USA be seen as honorable
when a one of our Presidents - three times nominated for the Nobel Peace
Prize and popular with the people - was, ultimately, persecuted out of



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