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RE: theos-l digest: December 17, 1998

Dec 18, 1998 02:26 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 18TH 1998

Dear Kym:

Excellent thinking and I enjoyed what you wrote.  Only one thing
I would say is that the "aphorisms on Karma" describe its
operation as an impersonal Law which works all through the

If, for instance we know that 2 + 2 = 4 everywhere and at all
time (barring some mathematicians who try to find reasons why it
doesn't) then we would not take time out to argue that point and
we would all use the same idea.

If one does good out of fear of reprisals, that is one way of
looking at a reason for good choices.  But as you say, it is far
better to do "good" because one desires to be of assistance to
others.  The motive is quite different, and as I understand it,
it is the motive that counts for progress.

Biggest problem, as we both seem to agree is that we don't always
know what is the best choice to make.

Such being the case, I think if we impersonalize it, and think of
what some other person might do if faced with our problem and the
choices to be made, we might arrive at some ideal way of handling
the situation.  In most cases that takes a lot of courage.  As
'FEAR OF REPRISALS" seems to lurk around the edges.



Theosophy Study List Digest for Thursday, December 17, 1998.

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