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Geoffrey Hodson's Predictions

Nov 08, 1998 06:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Last night I had a chance to read a book by Hodson titled "Science of
Seership" which was published some time before 1930. I could not find the
publishing date. This date is important. It was published at a time when
CWL was alive. It appears that when CWL was alive, every occult finding and
information and research by anyone else has to be approved by CWL before it
could be supported by the leaders of TS, Adyar. This book was published by
Rider & Co., London, no arm of Theosophical Society or Publishing House.

In it he describes a case of cancer as he saw it clairvoyantly. What is of
interest to me was he explained how radiation works to kill the cancerous
cells and also discusses how implantation of radiation is the way to go.
Today, we see implantation of radio active isotopes for prostate cancer.
And Hodson was right in what he wrote about radiation and implantation.

I thought it might interest some. Has anyone seen any other material from
"theosophical" authors?


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