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RE: theos-l digest: November 07, 1998

Nov 08, 1998 08:07 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 8th 1998

Dear Kym:

I do really try to be sincere, honest, and completely open - I
have no ulterior motives.

You, I, everyone, are quite free to say and do whatever we decide
has value.

No I certainly do not consider myself a "saint," but only one who
aspires (perhaps in the eternal hereafter - quite undefinable) to
become a better human being.

I think we all have at core - in our "heart of hearts" something
that is common - that is if Life, energy, force, power and
purpose exist uniformly throughout the Kosmos (just like the
light of the Sun and all the Stars pervades all space regardless
of either time or distance).

No one "owns" this (or any other) universal quality, nor do they
pretend to concentrate that which everyone has in equal quantity
and is able to express in whatever way they choose.

All that I think and say is therefore an expression of that
freedom which belongs to all of us.  I may (unfortunately) use
words that are disturbing - for which I am indeed regretful.

But, your freedom and my own are our community - something we
cannot help sharing with everyone else - perhaps they now seem to
represent different view-points, but any difference is joined to
its "opposite" by the bridge of co-existence.  And that is indeed
a deep puzzle.

There is a very curious book around for the last 100 years or so
named LIGHT ON THE PATH - written by Mabel Collins.  It speaks of
differences such as you write of and also makes some puzzling
statements.  Have you ever seen it ?

Best wishes to you,


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