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Re: theos-l digest: November 07, 1998

Nov 09, 1998 03:06 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Kym wrote about Dallas:


> You are a master at driving people AWAY from the lists and Theosophy
>itself; making people fight feelings of
>being attacked, ashamed, unwelcome, and unwanted.  You have been told how
>much you have hurt people repeatedly, by others besides me; yet you remain
>completely unmoved.
>I believe, in all honesty and seriousness, that it was minds such as yours
>that were present and active in the times of the Inquisition and Crusades.


I am writing from Germany and do not know whether Dallas, nor Paul, nor Kym
nor any other in this lists personally. But Kym, I really grasp your
commentary. I take just the opposite view. As far as I can see most if not
all statements of Dallas are based on genuine Theosophy, whereas many other
subscribers prefer to talk like a blind about colors, having only
assumptions and misconceptions, unaware of primarily sources. I am assume
that many subscribers are in to read Dallas most good comments. For what you
are really attacking Dallas? I have never seen that he has hurt anyone,
excerpt perhaps those who will be hurt. I have had my own experiences with
Paul (and others). First Paul provokes with fictional slanders and when he
gets historical facts he don't like he becomes angry, attacking people that
he was attacked. That is never a fair way, it is more hypocrisy. I
think the most problem is that Dallas is writing with a more occult
background, whereas Paul and some others are writing with a more mundane
We need urgent people like Dallas which are fighting the increasing tidal
wave of illusion, blind belief and laziness and who are fighting on HPB's
side. There are enough on the dark (avidya) side. Keep in mind that it much
easier to blacken HPB or to criticize Theosophy with any fantastic slander
than to justify it with primarily sources. This is done in five minutes.
Often enough one has to read, reread and search for a single sentence many
hours. Dallas, hold on and fight for the TRUTH - whether someone likes it to
hear of not. We are working not for today.
Unity and co-operation and respect does not mean that all individuals must
have the same view. We are united by the same spiritual basic.


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