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Re: theos-l digest: November 07, 1998

Nov 09, 1998 07:26 PM
by Augoeides

In a message dated 11/9/98 6:11:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,

Dear Frank,

I appreciate your insights.  Here are some quotes from
Franz Hartmann in support of some your statements.

<< Dallas, hold on and fight for the TRUTH - whether 
someone likes it to hear or not. We are working not 
for today. >>

"The building of the Temple of Solomon goes on
unceasingly." Magic Black & White, p. 121

<< Unity and cooperation and respect does not mean 
that all individuals must have the same view. We are 
united by the same spiritual basis. >>

"Light is only one.  A number of lights in a room are
as one light composed of that number.  If an orchestra
is played in a room, each instrument produces a sound, 
the sound of each fills the whole room and is heard
according to its intensity...Sound is one, and Light
is one, and Spirit is one, only their manifestations
differ in quality and strength." 
Magic Black & White, p. 221

In reference to Steiner, I don't agree with his Christology
but I do find value in his concept of Luciferic and 
Ahrimanic forces with Man (Manas or perhaps 
Buddhi-Manas), the Anthropos as the balancing 
equilibrium between the two.  Lucifer is restless energy 
leading to spiritual illusion and Ahriman symbolizes the 
dead hand of materiality.  What Steiner is discussing 
here are the three GUNAS, which are RAJAS (restless 
activity in the sense of Sturm und Drang), TAMAS 
(inertia) and SATTVA (balance).  When the Soul 
(the Human Monad, Anthropos) learns to balance these 
two forces, it achieves liberation.

Best Wishes,

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