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One place where Judge is wrong

Nov 27, 1998 11:41 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Dallas had written:

It [i.e.., Theosophy] is therefore complete in itself and sees no
>insolvable mystery anywhere and hails the reign of law in
everything and every

Jerry comments:

Albeit this misleading idea comes from Judge, it is nonetheless
deterministic and as dead wrong as determinism. Alas,
Judge didn't live to see modern chaos theory, or quantum
mechanics, or even relativity, all of which have put severe
limits on the ability of the human mind to understand things.
Theosophy is not complete, there are insolvable mysteries
which no amount of knowledge accumulation will ever solve,
and the "reign of law" is not in everything because some
things, like synchronistic events, are acausal.

Jerry S.
Dallas' rejoinder:

Nov 28th 1998

Dear Jerry:

Nature contains all and if you wish to call it deterministic,
then so it is.  That, however does not prevent the expression of
your free-willed opinion or of those of anyone else.

However, which of these many opinions are closest to the truth of
things. ?  Which are "universal ?"

I do not feel imposed upon if I am shown that in ancient times,
modern re-considerations were already matters for investigation,
and that there is a record of those findings available to be
re-checked and verified anew.    All research, yours, mine, that
of the academics and the orientalists is novel.  It is reassuring
to see that nothing is taken for granted and all is being
rechecked.  Is this not the unending search for truth ?  Anything
else would be reliance on "authority."  And that is dangerous as
"authority" always records the past and endeavors to force its
conclusions on the present and the future.

Personally I do not see anything "deterministic" in this as it is
the expression, logically of the universal law of progress that
rules from Kalpa to Kalpa and beyond.  Our experience is only the
latest attempt to verify and add our observations to the unending
record of

I think that all those subjects were known to the Adepts and to
Judge and are not "new" because they have dawned on our
scientific and philosophical world recently,

If you consider the vastness of time and the fact that Theosophy
is a record of the study of thousands of Adepts and their
disciples over millions of years, our recent discoveries in the
past 125 years are only a small scratch on the immensity of time.

If one looks through the SD we can find plenty of examples where
in different words "relativity," synchronisticity,"  "quantum
theory," and "chaos theory" have all been discussed under the
broad  heading of Karma and the periodical alteration (cyclic) of
physical and other phenomenal states..  At least it seems so to
me and I do not feel overwhelmed by the appearance of these areas
of discovery, or investigation.

Now let us find out why it is so difficult for the psychological
sciences to investigate altered states thoroughly and utilize the
information so elaborately compiled by HPB and other students of

Also why are the ethical and moral laws of the World and Universe
not considered ?

Why is it that reincarnation and the immortality of the Ego not
considered and discussed as facts that can be investigated ?

What about finding out if the seven-fold nature of the Universe
and man are facts ?

Does HPB and the Masters' system of Globes, Rounds, Races,
Sub-Races, etc... have validity or not ?

How does Karma mesh with Reincarnation and the Evolutionary
program ?

These are areas where I hope there will be some progress soon.



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