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Re: One place where Judge is wrong

Nov 27, 1998 12:51 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Albeit this misleading idea comes from Judge, it is nonetheless
>deterministic and as dead wrong as determinism. Alas,
>Judge didn't live to see modern chaos theory, or quantum
>mechanics, or even relativity, all of which have put severe
>limits on the ability of the human mind to understand things.

So what? Every serious student of the theosophical standard literature knows
that the theos. teachings contain not only what this present theories offer,
but they go far beyond of them.

>Theosophy is not complete, there are insolvable mysteries
>which no amount of knowlege accumulation will ever solve,

Very deterministic, indeed! How can you be sure that nobody has solves it?
What is your measure? Yourself?

>and the "reign of law" is not in everything because some
>things, like synchronistic events, are acausal.
>Jerry S.

The last is wrong too. The chaos theory says *not* that some things are
acausal. It says that they *seem* to be it, but when observing a chaotic
event from a higher level, with more data the chaos becomes a cosmos. Chaos
is but only our maya, that means our limited senses.
For example: Imagine someone out of an African native tribe who has never
seen before civilization is shown a highway. He will find nothing else than
chaos: Suddenly a little red car changes the track, then a big track is
coming, soon turning to the right track, then comes a blue car which is
horning, etc, etc. Really a chaos. Why is the red car slower than the blue?
Why is sometimes a blue car horning, sometimes a yellow car? Why some cars
are driving straight ahead while other cars are turning left and right? But
in reality all car holders are true to "unknown" traffic rules.
That is the explanation of chaos theory. And that is indeed explained very
well in the Secret Doctrine and in the commentaries by Judge, don't?
There is nothing new under the sun, especially not in western science.


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