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Re: Who said what where and when?

Nov 29, 1998 04:24 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain writes
>My post was meant to be an example of how we seek answers to questions
>everywhere and anywhere - but make sure to avoid the area right in front of
>us (or within us).

Indeed this is often the case, though I have learned (took a very long
time) to value the reality that is right in front of me (often a cat, but all of
the creatures get in the act).  Within me - well that varies!

>  We limit our own lives and thoughts, and then sit and
>sincerely ponder and pine over others doing the same.

Don't you think we are wise to set limits?  I do, for otherwise the
burden might get too much, especially when considering some of the
"hidden" realities.  Like mink are killed by gassing them with carbon
dioxide to make fur coats for rich people?  They are bred for this.  I
certainly pine over such things ... I gave up eating meat for similar
reasons, and I have not starved to death.

>  Maybe, for some of
>us, the "glare" or light within us is seen as too much, too dazzling, to
>view at this particular time. . ..

I suspect this would be a small number of us (apart from thee and mee
of course :0) )
>Or maybe my post was simply BS - who knows?

Dear Kym, you never post BS.

Simply Occult ..........

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