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Re: Who said what where and when?

Nov 28, 1998 11:18 PM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote:

> writes
>>And, now. . .let us reflect back to a recent exchange of postings which
>>pondered how and why Theosophical writings land upon the printing press
>>suffering from a lack of "authenticity."  
>That's an awful lot of reflecting - we shall all be dazzled by the glare.

Indeed, my friend.  

My post was meant to be an example of how we seek answers to questions
everywhere and anywhere - but make sure to avoid the area right in front of
us (or within us).  We limit our own lives and thoughts, and then sit and
sincerely ponder and pine over others doing the same.  Maybe, for some of
us, the "glare" or light within us is seen as too much, too dazzling, to
view at this particular time. . ..

Or maybe my post was simply BS - who knows?


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