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Laughing last?

Oct 18, 1998 10:54 PM
by kymsmith

Doss wrote:

>Judge Susan Weber who presided over Paula Jones case will be posting the
>material from the case at 6.00 am Monday on the web. It looks like the
>first time a Federal District Court is posting materials on the web.
>Usually they release only paper which later find their way to the web. This
>time it is direct to the web.

It is quite interesting that before the Clinton business, most in
Washington D.C. and the Courts pooh-poohed the Internet.  There was (and
may still be) policies among some senators, including my representative
here in Idaho, that letters sent via e-mail are least priority because
sending e-mail is "too easy" and may "not be sincere."

Now, miracles!  These formerly stodgy folk are just suddenly all enamoured
with the Web and its ability to get the information out to the "masses."
Odd.  Guess it all depends upon just how MOTIVATED people are before they
decide to usher in and utilize the sparkly technology.

I guess we'll find the release of the court transcripts to the Web pretty
cool; I must admit, I do read it all.  But I also bet most of us will find
the release of court transcripts to the Web pretty horrible if, goddess
forbid, one day some transcripts happen to have our name (or a loved one's)
on them.


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