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Dr. Bain displays skepticism concerning various SD quotations

Oct 19, 1998 07:21 AM
by D.Caldwell/M.Graye

SUBJECT:  Dr. Bain displays skepticism concerning various SD quotations

Dr. Alan Bain writes the following concerning various quotes from THE

> >
> Including the belief that the SD version of history is more reliable, for
> which no hard evidence is offered.

> >
> An interesting, but unsubstantiated claim.  If it came from the Moonies,
> we would possibly regard such a statement with *extreme* suspicion.
> If such documents exist, then let them be published.  They can't be
> harder to understand than the "days and nights of Brahma," and may
> even be more relevant to the human condition *as it is* here and now.

> Again, unsupported claims. Very impressive-sounding, but as likely as
> any similar claim to be of doubtful authenticity.
> >
> "It is said, " or "It is written" does not make something true. Nor does
> "It is printed."  How are we supposed to check all this out?

> >
> ... which statements will be a great help during the next couple of
> months to all of us.
> --------------------------------

> Well I never!  Who would have thought it?  What shall we do about it?
> Does it matter?

Daniel Caldwell replies:

Well, I'm impressed, Dr. Bain, by your skepticism.  I just hope that you
are EQUALLY skeptical of the various claims put forth in the Kabbala. 
Many (if not most) of the statements in this system of thought are ALSO
incapable of verification and may be of "doubtful authenticity".  And
much of the teaching of the Kabbala could be viewed with YOUR attitude
of "Does it matter?"  

Also IF you consider ANY Theosophical views as valid, then I hope you
are also doubtful of these teachings since from a skeptical,
materialistic view, most if not all of the views of esotericism,
theosophy, mysticism, the paranormal, etc. are of "doubtful
authenticity" and incapable of verification. Read, for example, THE
TRANSCENDENTAL TEMPTATION by Dr. Paul Kurtz, published by Prometheus
Press.  "How are we supposed to check all this out?"  Yes, indeed.  Just
hoping you are an equal opportunity skeptic!!

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