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Re: reincarnation

Oct 18, 1998 09:47 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is what I found in SD 1888 Edn. pp 168:
It looks like the problem of 777 is still unsolved.


Notwithstanding this agreement, many mistakes, owing to this confusion,
crept into the earliest teachings.  The Races even were occasionally mixed
up with the “Rounds” and “Rings,” and led to similar mistakes in “Man.”
>From the first the Master had written—
“Not being permitted to give you the whole truth, or divulge the number of
isolated fractions . . . I am unable to satisfy you.”
This in answer to the questions, “If we are right, then the total existence
prior to the man-period is 637,” etc., etc.  To all the queries relating to
figures, the reply was, “Try to solve the problem of 777 incarnations. . .
. Though I am obliged to withhold information yet if you should work out
the problem by yourself, it will be my duty to tell you so.”
But they never were so worked out, and the results were—never-ceasing
perplexity and mistakes.

At 03:43 PM 10/17/1998 -0400, Richard Caruana wrote:
>Does anyone know of any references to the number of reincarnations we have
>reaching the adept level of consciousness.
>I am putting together a summary on reincarnation. I seem to have lost my
>summary which had about two references. I ca't find them now and I son't
>remember where exactly to find them.
>One was about 700 times the other was about 800 times.
>I would like to be able to source these so that others can refer to them.
>kindest regards

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