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Starr report

Sep 14, 1998 06:52 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

So, what's the Theosophical take on it?

Seems like this could go the same way as the conservative/liberal
conflicts always do within the TM.  The conservative would say
that sexual misconduct shows a fundamental character weakness
that is incompatible with leadership.  The liberal would say that
the greatest danger is from people who investigate other people's
private lives in search of material with which to destroy them.
What's new or unique about what Theosophy can contribute to the

I haven't felt like marching in the streets since 1969 when I got
arrested at a Moratorium demonstration.  But if Congress decides
to impeach, I will consider it the darkest day our government has
seen in my lifetime and will be out there saying so.

Maybe publication on the Internet was inevitable, but that
doesn't make it right or just.  What other "defendant" has ever
been so treated by a "prosecutor" and "court?"  This is, to use
Clarence Thomas's phrase, a "high-tech lynching."  What karma
awaits Starr and his minions?  Fortunately the
American people don't seem to be any more sympathetic to the
Starr-Tripp enterprise now than they were before Friday.  And
world opinion is resoundingly, overwhelmingly, appalled at what
Starr has done.


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