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Re: Starr report

Sep 15, 1998 10:49 PM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:

>So, what's the Theosophical take on it?

Certainly, if theosophists consider themselves in the service of humanity,
one huge door has just been opened for theosophists to do just that.

Many people, when discussing issues of theosophy or spirituality, think
talk about politics and the like do not belong.  I couldn't disagree more.
Many of the movements that have helped aid humanity in growth and
compassion have come under the umbrella of political action.  

We are now facing a very serious situation that can affect generations to
come.  Not only will what has occured further ensure the disenfranchisement
people feel when it comes to voting and directing their own lives, leaving
them dispirited, this will also raise the "negative" karma level of America
and those who live here now.  Inaction or ignoring the problem does not
prevent "negative" karma, either.

Starr has not only persecuted a person to a degree that none of us would
ever tolerate in our lives or the lives of our loved ones, he has also
threatened each of us in our karmic state.  Starr and those who support him
have no regard for personal rights or respect for the law - if we allow
Starr and his buddies to have their way, we will all suffer.  And what goes
around comes around - if we stand by and let someone persecute someone else
- should we find ourselves persecuted, we should NOT expect someone to
speak in our defense.

Clinton has provided us with the opportunity for each of us to practice
forgiveness and compassion - and to really look within ourselves to measure
how we would have reacted in the same situation and what it is we value in
human beings.  It's been said over and over and over how "immoral" or wrong
it was what Clinton did.  Fine. What now?  Is he unable to lead due to it?
If we have an extra-marital affair, does that mean we should be removed
from our jobs?  And, does his lying about an extra-marital affair make all
he says from now on suspect?  We have ALL lied - are we saying WE should
never again be trusted?

The messages being pounded, by the media and many members of Congress, into
our heads and the heads of those who will take over as we age are very
dangerous and threaten to make us harden our hearts.  One message is: if WE
do it, we can be forgiven; yet, if someone else does it, slam them.  Is
this the gift we want to give the children?  Some people sure think so.  I,
for one, cannot understand why.  We can teach children honesty (although if
one ALWAYS told the truth, they would have few friends) and we can teach
children about marriage and we can teach children about sex without
sacrificing a human being in the process.

If Congress overrides the polls (as they have repeated threatened they will
do) I hope to God that the people really do march.  If they just stay home
and take it - then, as usual, the next generation will be faced with having
to rectify what today's adults chose to shirk off.  

Is this subject theosophical?  If it isn't, I don't know what is.


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