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Internet Traffic -- Starr Report

Sep 13, 1998 04:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Internet is slowly maturing and at the same time demonstrating its power as
medium to distribute information. However, the initiative came from
Congress who sought to put it on the Internet as soon as it was released.
Whether it was done due to the foresight or the politics or both. But it
does point out one thing. Internet is going to cut through all attempts to
filter or censor any messages or information so the public gets controlled
or censored or sanitized information, which is normally the case with the
ageold traditional method of distributing infor. Everyone should heed and
learn from the lesson we are learning.


CNN reports 12% of adult Americans -- some 20 million people -- used the
Internet to access to Starr's report on President Clinton.

"It's probably the single highest number of people who have ever used the
 computer to access a single document," The survey showed 15 percent of
American males and 8 percent of females went online to read the document,
which includes graphic descriptions of sexual acts that Monica Lewinsky
testified she and the president performed. 

That's 20 million people all logging on to get the same information at the
same time,". 

"CNN Interactive, the traffic was twice the site's daily average and
eclipsed all previous traffic volumes. America Online saw its traffic surge
30                percent; on The Associated Press Web site, it was 20
times the normal load."

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