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Non Profits

Sep 22, 1998 05:52 PM
by M K Ramadoss

As reported by AP, in a recent survey of non profit organizations, it was
found that the median salary of the executives is $209,914.

Here are some of the top paid ones:

                          Salary       Benefits    Expenses
                          --------     ---------   --------
W. Isom, Chairman of      1,728,999    45,431
Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Cornell University

H Rawlings III              199,580    137,135     26,400
Cornell University

H M Williams                619,621    345,856     11,588
J Paul Getty Trust

L. Slatkin                1,071,667      8,333
Music Director
National Symphony Orchestra
Kennedy Center for Perf Arts
Washington DC

J Grifo                   1,616,879     20,829
Prof of Reprod Endocri-
nology, NY University

R M Krasno                  258,753     15,200
Instt of Intl Education

M B Connolly Jr             263,350     11,566
Executive V P
Ducks Unlimited
Memphis TN

R J Beall                   337,390     33,985
Cystic Fibrosis Foundn
Bethesda MD

J W Rowe                  1,163,875    216,250
Mount Sinai Med Center

Paul Grogan                 323,429
Local Initiatives
  Support Group

Sheryl Weinstein            545,767
Former Chief Fin Dir
Hadassah, the Womens'
Zionist Organzn of America
(for 10 months)
(included 300,000 severance
plus 112,700 vacation pay)

P D Bell                    256,845   28,853
CARE of Atlanta

P Johnson                   395,140   30,985
CARE Foundation
(included 179,355 early retirement
120,943 accrued vacation, 
49,752 pension contribution)


Looking at these numbers along with the kind of money that some ministers
are making, anyone looking for careers may want to investigate this niche
which seem to have great potential.

It is usual for all non profits to ask for contributions, which they will
be very eager to accept. But will be very protective of any questions on
the spending details and especially when it comes to compensation issues.

Those of us who are sensitive to the non profit compensation may want to
look at them before we contribute to any non profit groups.

Many believe it is best to provide charitable help directly to the needy
rather than thru intermediaries even though the intermediaries may have
very laudable aims.


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