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Re: Theos-World Testing

Sep 22, 1998 05:37 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 23

HERE        HERE       HERE


What gives ?  Holidays make for silence ?


Some thoughts:

" to minds can be absolutely alike."

"Polarity is universal, but the polariser lies in our own consciousness..."

"In proportion as our consciousness is elevated towards absolute truth, so
do we men assimilate it more of less absolutely."

"Still each of us can relatively reach the Sun of Truth even on this earth,
and assimilate its warmest and most direct rays..."

"On the physical plane we may use our mental polariscope, and, analysing the
properties of each ray, choose the purest.

On the plane of spirituality, to reach the Sun of Truth we must work in dead
earnest for the development of our higher nature...[so] the animal man in us
may make room for the spiritual, and once aroused from its latent state, the
highest spiritual senses and perceptions grow in us in proportion, and
develop pari passu with the "divine man."  This is what the great adepts,
the Yogis in the East and the Mystics in the West, have always done and are
still doing."

"...absolute truth is as immovable as the mountain of Mahomet..."

"Man has to know himself, i.e., acquire the inner perceptions which never
deceive, before he can master any absolute truth."

`Extracted from HPB's article WHAT IS TRUTH.  "Lucifer," Feb. 1888.

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