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love pop quiz

Sep 22, 1998 12:44 PM
by Estrella

Consider this problem, folks:
In a hipotetical situation a) this friend of mine, who loves all of the
occult and that stuff, meets this caracter b) rather strange caracter, a
young man, who, in Alan's possible words, his description more accurate
could be that of the hermit card of Tarot than the "normal" "average"
young man who wants to dance and have fun.
consider the part c) That this girl falls in love of this guy, but the
guy, as i said before, behaves more like, for saying, a young
master-wizard.The boy rejects the girl. What's happening here??
Is it NOT possible that a girl can follow "the narrow path" and have
romance at the same time?? she also has to surrender to the karmic
destiny and not conquer pure love in her lifetime?? Under what wisdom
rules this young man is forgetting of love in his lifetime and
accomplish his "duty" whatever that is, instead of love?? what strange
thing is happening here??
(I'll think i'll tell my friend to get another guy....but i'm sure
she'll refuse....he's one of that once-in-a lifetime oportunities)
What Theosophy has to tell in this rather strange strange case??


P.S. Please answer me folks!! I know this is not SO important as the
manymany changes of the words on the SD , but can you take a little time
to answer?? We'll be delighted! :-)

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