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Re: love pop quiz

Sep 22, 1998 11:31 PM
by kymsmith

Estrella wrote:

>That this girl falls in love of this guy, but the
>guy, as i said before, behaves more like, for saying, a young

What do you mean when saying he acts like a "young master-wizard?"

>The boy rejects the girl. What's happening here??

People "reject" people for zillions of reasons.  Could be karmic, could be
personality clashes, could be the gentleman is not interested in a serious
relationship, could be. . .could be. . .could be. . .?

>Is it NOT possible that a girl can follow "the narrow path" and have
>romance at the same time??

Absolutely, she can have and do both.  Romance teaches us many things -
compassion, sharing, caring, moves us away from self-focus.  Following the
"narrow path" need not include a barren and sterile love life.

>she also has to surrender to the karmic
>destiny and not conquer pure love in her lifetime??

How does she know that her karmic destiny requires her to live a life
devoid of intimate relationships?  Just because one potential relationship
does not appear to be working out certainly does NOT mean that love is
still not part of her "karmic" destiny.

>Under what wisdom
>rules this young man is forgetting of love in his lifetime and
>accomplish his "duty" whatever that is, instead of love?? what strange
>thing is happening here??

It may be under NO "wisdom" at all -  or it could be for the better for
both of them to not become involved with each other - or it may eventually
work out.  Again, many reasons could account for his decision.

>(I'll think i'll tell my friend to get another guy....but i'm sure
>she'll refuse....he's one of that once-in-a lifetime oportunities)

Actually, in my opinion, telling her to "get another guy" may come across
as a dismissal of her emotions in this situation.  Perhaps gently
suggesting that she search and listen to her "inner voice" for guidance may
be more advantageous, especially while her pain is still quite raw.  I
seriously doubt, however, that this gentleman is a "once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity."  We sometimes think people are - especially when our emotions
are involved - but that rarely proves to be true.  I am sure there are
other gentlemen out there who will openly share with her love and

>What Theosophy has to tell in this rather strange strange case??

Unsure about Theosophy, but you got Kym's take on the happenings!


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