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Re: Voice of the Silence

Sep 26, 1998 08:52 AM
by Graye/Caldwell

Dear Dorothy,

Thanks for your remarks and question.

I don't know if you've been following this discussion from the very
beginning or not.  This discussion started a few weeks ago on

But let me agree with you that what is most important is "living the
life", attempting to incorporate the "virtues", etc. into one's personal
life. This is the most important issue.

But on the separate issue of "facsimiles", I prefer a facsimile but I
can ALSO apppreciate other editions.  For example, Boris de Zirkoff's
Collected Writings edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE is not a facsimile or
verbatim reproduction of the original, yet this CW edition is *a
valuable addition* to Theosophical literature as Eldon Tucker's previous
comments (on using BdZ's edition) illustrated. I use BOTH the facsimile
as well as BdZ's edition of the SD in my own studies.

Dorothy, it was not I who was insisting that one *must* use only
facsimile editions of HPB's works.  One subscriber on Theos-Talk even
seemed to be hinting/suggesting that to use an "edited" version of THE
SECRET DOCTRINE might lead to "occult" harm.  

Again, it was not I who was pooh-poohing, for example, the "Collected
Writings" series of HPB's works.  Yes, I prefer to use
facsimile/verbatim editions but I also realize the *great value* of
Boris de Zirkoff's "Collected Writings" series.

But it has been my understanding that The Theosophy Company, LA, has
prided (in the positive sense of the word) itself in providing facsimile
reproductions of Madame Blavatsky's works.  Notice what is said in the
Theosophy Company's own "Publishers' Preface" to the 1947 printing of
the SD:

"With the present printing of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, The Theosophy Company
continues ITS FUNCTION of providing students and inquirers with
UNALTERED editions of the original literature of the Theosophical

Here on Theos-talk, I have been pointing out that TC's editions of THE
VOICE OF THE SILENCE and A MODERN PANARION are *altered* and do not
conform to HPB's originals.  Draw whatever conclusions you may from
these observations.

Glad you're on board Theos-Talk, 

Daniel Caldwell

dorothy lord wrote:
> Daniel Caldwell
> If one reads - absorbs - and tries to live by the seven virtues as
> expressed by H.P.B.
> does it really matter whether it is a facsimile
> or not???
>          Dorothy Lord

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