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Re: THEOS-L digest 1645

Sep 25, 1998 09:43 PM
by kymsmith

John forwarded some postings:

>> >It's also untrue. Producers of Sixty Minutes said there never was any
>> >interview with Ken Starr. Bonnie Crouse

I was aware that Ken Starr never appeared on 60 Minutes; however, he did
grant an interview to Brill's Content magazine in which he admitted to
allowing one of his underlings to talk to the press regarding the case.  A
clear violation of the law.  In Starr's rebuttal to Brill's Content, Starr
never denied that such leaks occurred.

According to Rep. Barney Frank, Starr changed Monica Lewinsky's testimony:
She said "No one ever encouraged me to lie."  Starr changed it to: "No one
ever IMPLICITLY encouraged me to lie."  Starr also underlined the word
"implicitly." Another clear violation of the law.

Starr is also a former student of Regent University.  Regent University is
run by the religious right's Commander-in-Chief, Pat Robertson.  

Although I am not an advocate of "conspiracy theories," in this case, I
doubt Hillary Clinton is too far off-base in stating that her husband,
indeed, is a victim of right-wingers who have access to almost unlimited
funds (aka, Scaife, Rutherford Foundation, etc).  Their desire for power
and their intense loathing of Clinton served as potent fuel which now
threatens to undermine democracy and the right to privacy.


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