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Internet with Single Phone Line

Sep 25, 1998 07:10 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Many of us who have a single telephone line and use considerable amount of
time on Internet have to make a choice between missing incoming calls and
using Internet.

A new hardware product is going to hit the market to solve this problem. It
is called Hot Calls and is to be released by Command Communications who
pioneered the fax switch about 10 years ago and I have used the fax switch
in my business with great satisfaction over 10 years.

If the telephone line has call waiting, the product intercepts incoming
call if you are connected to Internet it alerts you so that if you want you
can answer the call for a short period of time without losing the Internet
connection. The product will be available on Oct 7 and will cost around $80.

I do not have any financial or other interest in the company or the product
and am sharing the info as I think it would be useful to many like me.


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