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Re: THEOS-L digest 1646

Sep 26, 1998 09:37 PM
by kymsmith

Daniel wrote:

>Dorothy, it was not I who was insisting that one *must* use only
>facsimile editions of HPB's works.  One subscriber on Theos-Talk even
>seemed to be hinting/suggesting that to use an "edited" version of THE
>SECRET DOCTRINE might lead to "occult" harm.  
>Again, it was not I who was pooh-poohing,

Oh, Daniel, get some ovaries and pooh-pooh on.  If Dallas - the subscriber
I bet my twinkie you were referring to - thinks that things that are not
"verbatim" can cause "occult" harm, he just better lock himself in his
house and never pick up another book or listen to another person attempt to
inform him of something.  Most everything external comes to us second-hand
- and did you know that the human ear only hears about 60% of what is said
and the brain of the hearer 'translates' the rest?  The only hope is to
gather as much information from different sources as is possible for the
person in his/her circumstances and then run it through his/her own "inner

Every story, every myth, every legend, every "holy" writing, every witness
on the jury box, will have their own take on the exact same thing - and
swear it's the truth.  

People who claim that something is "original" or "true" have more of a
responsibilty to prove such a statement than those who think something is
false.  If the evidence passes human standards, then it can rationally be
accepted as true (example: the Holocaust).

Dallas has not proven his case nor, for that matter, has HPB proven her
case that there are such beings as "Masters."  Your belief in the
"Masters," Daniel, to me, is nothing more than a matter of FAITH.  That's
fine for you to believe that, but you cannot expect others to do the same.
My point is, the very FOUNDATION of the dispute has itself never even been
proven "true."

Go ahead and argue over pickles, onions, buns, and cheese - but, like,
where is the beef?


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