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What are the Theosophists ? by HPB "theosophist, Oct. 1879"

Sep 28, 1998 01:10 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 28th 1998

Dallas offers:

I thought this synopsis of the contents of this article would be
interesting to our group:


	In the first issue of the THEOSOPHIST (October 1879),  HPB
placed this article immediately after her lead article: "WHAT IS
THEOSOPHY ?  In this article she covers the following:

True psychology and philosophy can only be found maintained (from
antiquity to the present) in ancient Indian texts.  The key to
"Spiritualism," "Mediumship," and "psychic phenomena" is there.
The object of Theosophy is to present this, to revive
Neo-Platonism, and not to advocate any particular religion, creed
or dogma.

The Theosophist is non-sectarian and seeks the truth underlying
all religions.  He is a "God-seeking" scientist, and advocates
free and fearless investigation into all aspects of Nature.  He
is an "original thinker, a seeker after eternal truth with 'an
inspiration of his own.'"  This has been defined as a search for
the "Presence," and for the "Invisible Cause" of all things and
events.  All religions are considered equal, none being superior.
However, each individual is entitled to his own views, and these
are to be respected by all theosophists.

The Theosophist seeks for ideal Laws which alone the intuition
can grasp.  He is indebted to honest science and honest religion
for the truths they seek or preserve.  Nature contains ALL --
and is open to investigation by anyone who meets her criteria.

Theosophists look on organizations, nations, and societies as
examples of continued attempts to frame an ideal "Republic of
Conscience."  There is freedom to seek, to inquire and to share
the results of one's findings.  No personal opinions, conclusions
or politics of management may be forced on others.  The "inner
man" [the Mind-Soul] is forever free and persists for many lives.

True students of Nature and of antique records  are often
recluses, and live their lives in silence and employ the tool of
meditation in their search.  Truth alone is eternal.  It is
central to all investigation and is neither Eastern nor Western,
but universal.  Tolerance is the key-note of the Theosophist.

The Theosophist is a philosopher, and employs his knowledge to
assist others where it is needed.  He warms the enthusiasm of the
coming generation of fresh young minds just ripening into
maturity, so that they may share the enthusiasm and the fruits of
discovery as they also become investigators in their turn.

His attitude is marked by freedom of thought;  the elimination of
superstition;  the search for convincing reason;  assistance to
all;  the patience to listen to all that is said;  the welcoming
of all into the great fellowship of seeking minds;  and above all
to honor Truth wherever found.

I thought this was interesting and wanted to share it with you.



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