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Sep 28, 1998 06:44 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Kym,

My guess would be that Tony was the one talking about occult
harm.  You see, there was a movement centered on a man named Rex
Dutta in England that emphasized all kinds of secret messages in
HPB's works encoded according to page numbers, where things were
on the page, etc., and if Tony is who I think he is (Maddock) he
contributed a paper along these lines to a conference in the
1980s.  If this school of thought were correct, changing the
outer form of the message-- even if all the diacritical marks and
odd spellings were left intact-- would still ruin things and maybe
invert meanings.

What I've been wondering is why this debate is being crossposted
to theos-l; it doesn't seem to generate any interest on this
list, and I left theos-talk and came here hoping to get away from such
fundie preoccupations.



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